The World Cup of Football Boots 2017

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It’s one of the most hotly contested topics in Sunday League – what is the best ever boot to take to the turf? Nike or Adidas? Puma or Diadora? Predator or King?

But, how could we engage with the public and  find out what they think is the best football boot of all time whilst at the same time boosting #GRG page engagement?

The answer, The World Cup of Football Boots.


To build on growing engagement on GRG channels and attract new page followers.


  1. Post a series of head-to-head polls on Twitter and Facebook
  2. Share images of nostalgic, classic and modern boots
  3. Post twice daily during group and round of 16 stages

Share images of nostalgic, classic and modern boots

32 classic and modern boots split into 8 groups.

For the first 2 days 32 boots split into 8 groups will go head to head (4 groups per day) – voted for by the public (Twitter poll and reactions vote on Facebook).

Each group will produce two qualifiers for the round of 16, and then there will be quarter finals and so on until the ultimate winner of the World Cup of Sunday League Football Boots takes home the crown.



Post Impressions

Engaged users up 28% on the monthly average

Post impressions up 18% on the monthly average

Page and Post impressions up 82% on monthly average.

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