Sky Bet Super 6

Goals, goals and strange requests from Paul Merson

Just like a game on a cold, Sunday morning, Sky Bet Super 6 are a weekend staple.  Every Saturday before lacing up their boots, millions play the Super 6 game around the 3pm fixture, hoping to hit the £250,000 jackpot.

Super 6 are becoming a brand in their own right and are looking to broaden their association in football outside of the 3pm slot, which is why a partnership with the UK’s biggest grassroots football social page makes perfect sense.


Grass Root Goals is the outlet for amateur footballers to showcase their talent. Every season #GRG receive thousands of clips from parks up and down the UK.

While a fair few are sent in with the intention to shame a friend’s own goal or open goal miss, many are world class goals that wouldn’t look out of place at Old Trafford or the Etihad.


Provide a platform for Super 6 to connect with a new football audience on social.

Expand Super 6 reach outside of existing channels.

Provide visibility on a football mad community that reaches over 10M every month.

Give them access to highly engaging, relevant content on a weekly basis.


Grass Root Goals have teamed up for the season with Sky Bet Super 6 to supercharge the Goal of the Month series. This season Sky Bet Super 6 are going to reward the very best amateur goals as the headline sponsor for our Grass Root Goals Goal of the Month.

In the words of Paul Merson ‘I don’t want to see another Messi Hat-Trick, what I really want to see is a twenty stone bloke put one in the top corner’.


In month one we’ve delivered the following:






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